OUT NOW for Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VIta. With Xbox One and PC to release on 4th June 2021.

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Longing for adventure? Want to get offworld? Blast off with Astro Aqua Kitty today! Below are a sample of reviews:

Robert Allen

93% ROBERT ALLEN - Tech Gaming - "Astro Aqua Kitty is the irrefutable cat's meow, offering a sizzling mix of retro action, adventure, the RPG elements."

Shaun Musgrave

4/5 Shaun Musgrave - Touch Arcade - "If you're interested in the idea of having arcade-style shoot-em-up action grafted onto a more expansive framework, you'll probably want to give Astro Aqua Kitty a shot."

Simon Plumbe

9/10 SIMON PLUMBE - Vita Player - "It's incredibly addictive, plays like a dream and is easily one of the best shooters to grace the Vita."

Jemma Casson

9/10 JEMMA CASSON - Pure Nintendo - "Astro Aqua Kity is a super-fun shooter, with great audio and visuals along with fluid gameplay and spot-on action."

Scott ellinson II

4/5 SCOTT ELLINSON II - Saving Content - "There are a multitude of options for each playthrough at a dozen hours each time, and Astro Aqua Kitty is a game you'll be coming back to again and again."

Ben Bulbeck

4/5 BEN BULBECK - Switch Player - "Inventive and exciting, Astro Aqua Kitty is a wholly satisfying ride... It's an underwater RPG shooter with - ahem - plenty of depth."


7/10 TOBY ANDERSEN - FINGERGUNS.NET - "With a fun addictive gameplay loop, Astro Aqua Kitty is often a purr-fect sequel."


7/10 Ollie Reynolds - NintendoLife - "A Visually Sumptuous Shmup Sequel."

Astro Aqua Kitty

The Aqua Kitty cats have launched into space in an all new action RPG shoot-em-up adventure!

Pick your crew, then blast off to investigate mysterious water filled asteroids.
Battle bizarre enemies, mine magnificent gems, grab new weapons, install enhancing devices, and unlock your crews' unique skills as you level up XP.

Just watch out for marauding pirate rabbits, always trying to be first to the loot!

Select your ship crew of a Pilot and Engineer from a range of animals with unique skills to unlock.

Astro Aqua Kitty crew

Help out the mining cats as you both explore the increasingly dangerous asteroids.

Mine rocks for gem crystals which can be spent in shops.

Astro Aqua Kitty mining

Specialised cats can be collected to help you too! Mechanic cats can fix things like doors. Pilots can operate vehicles and turrets. Scientists can assist with more unusual tasks such as... collecting exotic pollen!

Astro Aqua Kitty cat helpers

Blast enemies to gain XP and then level UP!

Level UP to gradually unlock crew skills, upgrade your ship, and gain access to higher level weapons and items.

Install different weapons and devices for different situations. You can buy them in shops or obtain from enemy drops, crates and completing quests.

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Development team:

Code and Design - Gabor Dorka.

Art and Design - Dugan Jackson.

Music and Sound Effects - Electric Cafe (Mark Day & Cody Carpenter).

Portrait and box art - David Hankin.

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