COMING to Nintendo Switch late 2018!


4/5 WILL FREEMAN - theguardian - "Rock Boshers DX: Director's Cut is a left-field release well worth rescuing from obscurity."


5/5 CURTIS H - PSNSTORES.COM - "Whether you grew up with a ZX Spectrum or, like me, you've never seen one I think there's a lot of great stuff here."

Get ready to take a nostalgia trip back beyond the 80s, to the 1800s! In this all new widescreen version of RockBoshers DX!

A young Queen Victoria, tired of her dull Royal duties sneaks away incognito - in search of adventure on the recently colonised planet of Mars.
Upon arrival, a double cross follows where both she and her fellow travellers are captured and forced to bosh rocks in the deep Martian mines.

Help Victoria escape her captors dastardly plot, and try to find a way back home!

Created to look, feel and sound like a true 8-bit videogame from the 1980s - Rock Boshers DX: Director's Cut mixes top-down and side-on arcade action.

Prepare to bosh rocks! - with only the occasional break for tea and scones.

PS4, PSVita and Steam trailer below:

Trailer voice over by Ed Mace.

RockBoshersDX RockBoshersDX
RockBoshersDX RockBoshersDX

RockBoshersDX RockBoshersDX
RockBoshersDX RockBoshersDX

Rock Boshers DX Icon

Rock Boshers DX: Director's Cut is available now on PS4, PSVita and Steam (PC,Mac,Linux).

The game is an ultra retro 2D pixel arcade shooter adventure, displayed in glorious crisp FUllHD 1080p on PS4 and is even 4K resolution ready on PC!

Revel in the chunkyness of the pixels, bask in the glow of its nostalgia - but be prepared for a challenge that will keep you on your toes.

Some of its key features include:


Top-down and side-on 8-way directional puzzley arcade shooter.

Help Victoria escape, biff darstardly politicians and even meet Charles Darwin!

CrossBuy on PS4 and PSVita, with CrossSave.

Hunt for Tea, Cheddar and Jammy Scones to unlock further arcade minigames.

Both NES and ZX Spectrum style optional art modes

Revisit the 1980s, with a simulated tape loading sequence (luckily skippable ;) ).

Battle soldiers, drillers, tanks, worms, zombies, turrets and more!

Development team: Art and Design - Dugan, Code - William Bell, with music and sounds effects by - Electric Cafe and box/poster/character art by David Hankin.

Above is a sample track from Electric Cafe.

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